Neigbour/artist Alexander Ambroze participated for the first time in the Art Route Hoogeveen. The Duikelaar had made a place for Entarte Art During WWII with, amongst others, Hassidic prints by Hendrik Werkman. Werkman was a publisher/graphic artist and belonged to the Groninge artists’ group De Ploeg. A few days before the end of the war, he was arrested and shot to death in the woods near Bakkeveen.

 Werkman’s prints and the works of Alexander Ambroze complemented each other beautifully. A visit to Amroze’s studio began naturally with the prints of Werkman, following which the move from the museum to the Kunstroute was almost automatic. It was a surprising and inspiring collaboration between the artist and the musuem.

 From the guestbook: Very nice museum. Impressed by Alexander Ambroze, fine explanations and more understanding of modern art.