Visit from the King´s Commissioner.

The King´s Commissioner , Mrs Jetta Klijnsma, visited Museum de Duikelaar on 23rd June, 2018. She had the full team of governors inform her on the aims and goals of the museum. She was impressed by what had been achieved in a short space of time and by the many tales of people in hiding. As a historian, she appreciated the importance of preserving and passing on history. When the Duikelaar Kids came along and introduced themselves, she discussed the history of the village with them and what we can learn of it for the future,

Her advice at the end of her visit was, “please continue telling this story! “

Model of Johannes Post’s farmhouse.

On Friday 15th June a model of the old farmhouse of Johannes Post was presented to the museum by Jan Abbing of Dalen. The building of the model was no easy job, since the farmhouse burned to the ground in 1948 and only an unclear photo of the house remained. Fortunately, Trijneke Post, the oldest daughter, was able to provide instructions. Son, Gerard Post, revealed the model in the company of his youngest sister, Hermien, Jan abbing and a number of others. The model has provisionally been given a place in the exhibition “Never show anyone the door”.

Annual Market

On Saturday 9th June the museum had, for the first time, its own stall at the annual market. By selling watering cans with the sticker “let the Duikelaar grow” and, among other items, cupcakes from the Duikelaar Kids , we are now a step closer to being able to buy a touch screen table.

Yad Vashem certificate

On 3rd May the governors of the Duikelaar museum were surprised by the presentation of the original Yad Vashem certificate by the village of Nieuwlande. The governors of Local Interest Nieuwlande found the museum the right place for the certificate.

Successful opening

A small impression of the highly successful open days. A weekend with more than 500 visitors.

Max Leons opens the museum

Max Leons opened the first exhibition at the Onderduikersmuseum de Duikelaar. The exhibition is entitled: Never show anyone the door. Stories of people in hiding in Nieuwlande.

Cheque from Vital Countryside

On Tuesday 27th February the Duikelaar received a cheque for 3000 euro from Alderman Steenbergen. This really made us happy; half the cost of a touch screen table has now been provided, now begins the search for the other half.

New museum gets a cake

Hoogeveensche Courant, Thursday 25 januari 2018

Nieuwlande–The Cake of the Week from Mulder’s Bakery goes this week to the governing members of the Onderduikersmuseum foundation, which is undergoing an exciting period. It has found temporary accommodation in a classroom of a former school building in Julianalaan, where busy preparations are underway for the first exhibition. This exhibition must be ready to open by 31st March, the day on which King’s Commissioner Jette Kleinsma will pay a visit.

Temporary housing

January 2018: we have rented a room in the previous primary school de Hoeksteen. It will takes cleaning and dabbling to make it make something nice of the room but we rolled up our sleeves and got to it. Full of enthusiasm we have thrown ourselves upon the job.